Enjoy Summer With These Fun Parents-Kids Activities

Who ever said that summer should only be enjoyed by kids? Well, now is the time to consider yourself in the picture. You may often deny it but, in reality, you’re also a kid (at heart). Hence, summer does not have to be a lonely time for you. With these activities, you and your kids can make your summer unforgettable.


You do not have to climb mountains and explore forests to go camping. It can actually be in the comforts of your home. For one, it can be literally inside your home. All you have to do is just put some sleeping bags on the floor, and have your own slumber party. Then again, you can take your sleeping bags to your backyard and camp under the skies’ bright stars.

Board Games

Fun does not always equate to physical activities. You can play board games like monopoly or exploding kittens. Depending on the age of your kids, you can go for telestrations where you and the kids can draw. If you want something mind-boggling, the board game codenames is worth a try.


Introduce your kids to the beauty of nature by engaging them in gardening activities. Teach them how to plant spices that you can use dailyand then, water them through your garden hose. Make gardening extra special by recreating rain showers. Get wet and move with nature. Who knows? You might actually discover that your kids have dancing potential, so it’s best to send them to attend lessons in their chosen dance school Moorabbin.


Bedtime stories does not always have to be during bedtime. It can be a fun daytime activity apart from dance lessons, etc. Stories allow your children to unleash their imaginative skills and take them to another world. As they say, it’s an escape from the reality. Inspire your child to read and expand his knowledge even if it’s vacation time.


A good parent-kid bonding moment happens within the realm of the kitchen. Invite your kids to bake cookies with you. Give them tasks such as shaping the cookie from the dough or designing its toppings. Be creative. Allow your kids to actually make cookies. Who knows? You might be staring at your future chef.


Of course, summer will not be complete without the classic kites. Let them be amazed at how high their kites can actually reach. Well, you never know, Mary Poppins might appear in the kite’s other end.

Enjoy summer and make the most out of it bydoing these activities and spending more quality time with your children.