For All Your Music Making Needs

For those born with the gift of music, and those who have been trained in the art from a very young age, cutting a cd is a magical experience. To be in a professional setting, complete with the highest quality instruments, equipment and technology and of course, the perfect acoustics to ensure that the music you create is captured just the way it should is possibly the epitome of a musicians’ career.

For those musicians and singers who are based in Sydney, Australia, there is the perfect location to create good music. Our recording studio is lined with old fashioned wood, of the highest quality (hence the name!). Our premises allows for anyone from a solo artist to a quartet or a small group to a symphony orchestra to perform and thus, to cut a album. We have a wide range of the highest quality instruments that are available in the world to the finest musicians, especially for your use. For example, we own a spectacular Steinway D Grand Piano which is already linked to microphones, which is the best that you can use by which to sound out your piano parts.

The perfect recording studio should also have excellent mixing equipment, along with the all-important microphones which are the first points of contact between sound and capturing technology. Our skillful and experienced staff are perfectly suited in editing and mixing your music, in creating various channels for each voice and each instrument, and finally create the perfect audio track that is exactly what you have in mind.

The rental of our facilities and services are reasonable, and we generally advice that they be rented for at least three days, because that is the minimum that we have observed that artists require for the perfect recreation of their music on disc formats. While you are free to hire our facilities for just one day, or for just a single session, we strongly advice that you consider the three day option, in order to refrain from compromising on quality.

Our services are not limited to in-house audio capturing either. Should you have an outdoor event, or an off-site event which requires sound capture to be handled in a level of quality that is good enough for professional cds, then we are the people you should come to. As with the music captured in house, we will carry out the amplification work, editing work and finally cut a single cd or an album, all tailored to your individual need.